Discover the Power of Taiji

Learn Chen Style Taijiquan taught in a manner consistent with the traditional teaching methods which includes Standing Post Meditation, Reeling Silk, Lao Jia Yi Lu Taiji Form Training, and Push Hands.

Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced practitioner this training is for you. At Center Life Balance you will learn the fundamental principles that make tai chi work. Principles like moving from the center, whole body moving as one, and relaxation .

Weekly Tai Chi Classes now in Sydney. Register for a class today and discover for yourself the Power and Simplicity of Taiji!

Weekly classes in Newtown


Located only a few minutes walk from Newtown station is the Temple on the park. This beautiful training space inspires peace, calm, and relaxation. There is plenty of space for everyone to enjoy and get into their flow state.

Beginners and experienced students all welcome. If you haven’t joined a class before you might want to consider the new student intro pass which gives you full access for 28 days. You won’t regret it! To register for a class at Temple on the park please click below. 

tai chi at the temple