Chen Style Tai Chi


Weekly Tai Chi Classes now on in Sydney. Learn Chen Style Taijiquan taught in a manner consistent with the traditional teaching methods which includes Standing Post Meditation, Reeling Silk, Lao Jia Yi Lu Taiji Form Training, and Push Hands.

Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced practitioner this training is for you. At CenterLifeBalance you will learn the fundamental principles that make tai chi work. Principles like moving from the center, whole body movement, and relaxation.

Register for a free introductory class and discover for yourself the transformative power of this incredible internal martial art. We have a range of options to suit every student.

Classes are held weekly on Tuesday evenings starting at 6pm at Temple on the Park, Newtown, NSW. This is a tranquil and peaceful tibeten buddhist temple located in the heart of Newtown a short walk from newtown train station.

To see view available dates and to join a class please view the class calander below and choose from one of our flexible pass options.


tai chi at the temple


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